Election fatigue? Maybe it’s time for a quick trip

The 2016 presidential race to determine the United States next president was fraught with controversies and accusations surrounding the two main candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With Tuesday night’s election results, Americans elected Republican Donald Trump to the presidency, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton in a shocking upset.

The entire election has left many Americans weary and fatigued with this year’s presidential race. As such, perhaps a quick getaway is needed to recharge. Here are some places you might want to escape to over the next several weeks.


Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba | Image courtesy of Jen from  Exxeo
Jen on her way to take a morning swim. Cayo Santa Maria beach is located approximately 30 minutes from Havana. Average daytime temperatures range from 70’s to 80’s.

Varadero Beach, Cuba | Image courtesy of GeGE from  Fashion GeGe Cherie
Jen captured this image of her friend GeGe contemplating life. Image taken on Varadero Beach, which is located 2h 30m from Havana. Varadero is a resort town located in the province of Matanzas, Cuba and is one of the largest resort areas in the Caribbean.


Zanzibar, Tanzania | Image courtesy of Eposi of Eplleseed

Eposi perched atop a hill overlooking the bay on Zanzibar’s main island. Zanzibar’s temperature ranges from 75°F to 82°F with February being the hottest month.

Zanzibar, Tanzania | Image courtesy of Eposi of Eplleseed

Eposi on safari on the mainland on her way to the Ngorongoro craters, which are volcanic craters that provide some of the most fertile and richest grazing grounds in Africa. It’s also an ideal location to meet and interact with people from the Maasai tribe.

UAE – Dubai

Kite Beach, Dubai | Image courtesy of  Journey With Liz

Liz enjoying the wonderful Kite Beach. According to Lonely Planet, this long, pristine stretch of white sand off Jumeirah Rd is super clean and has lots of activities, including kite surfing, soap football, beach tennis, beach volleyball and kayaking. There are showers, toilets and changing facilities, plus great views of the Burj Al Arab. It gets very busy on Friday and Saturday.

Kite Beach, Dubai | Image courtesy of  Journey With Liz


Lourve Museum – Paris, France | Image courtesy of Greg from Supreme Investments
Greg enjoying the sights in Paris. After all the election fatigue, why not take in some arts and culture at the Louvre. The Louvre Museum is the world’s largest museum and a historic monument in Paris, France.

Puerto Rico

Isla Verde, Puerto Rico | Image courtesy of Brooklyn AL

Puerto Rico is always a great option. Especially Isla Verde, which is an enchanting resort strip in San Juan known for its beautiful beaches.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico | Image courtesy of Brooklyn AL
One of my favorite locations in Puerto Rico is Old San Juan, which is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico and is located in the historic colonial section of the city of San Juan. The area features colorful colonial structures and some wonderful restaurants.

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